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My mind palace
HAHAHAH i did watch Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters with Aarplay and it was just so random..

we had good time but both were abit sleepy and we saw cas-trencoat but nope, not shoelaces-sentence, not from tumblr and that movie was as good as I though. But still not that good. But hey there were hot Renner! Badass Renner and naked Renner!!! Fuck yeah! And witches were one big joke, after all. And there was blood, everywhere!

Posted on 21 February 2013, at 7.43pm with 3 notes
  1. rrreira said: hah I’ve seen it too, I just laughed the whole time at the non-existent plot and ment-to-be-serious-but-actually-funny moments… but yup, at least Renner was nice to look at! c;
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